Is will writing and estate planning regulated? 

In short, sadly the will writing and estate planning sector is not currently regulated. However, at APS Legal and Associates we have always, and will continue to, act in a regulated way. All of our in-house staff and each of our associates are members of the Institute of Professional Will Writers and follow their code of practice, meaning each will writing and estate planning case throughout the UK is drafted in the same way. The IPW’s code of practice is the only one in the sector recognised by Trading Standards, meaning every associate and every case is covered under our PI insurance.

The advantages are…. Leave the rest as is.


There are just three areas of probate that are regulated: the oath, the transfer or sale of property and any legal deeds. Other than these three areas, anyone can complete the probate services; however as there are several red flags to look out for, and as the process is time consuming and confusing, it is often best to appoint of professional executor (see reasons why here) – Attach Erica’s tax doesn’t have to be taxing article.