APS Legal supports 'Make May Purple'

Throughout May, APS is highlighting the work of several national charities, starting with Stroke Association and their ‘Make May Purple’ campaign, to raise funds and awareness to help save and rebuild even more lives.

In the UK, Stroke:

  • strikes every 5 minutes
  • is one of the top three causes of death, behind cancer and heart disease
  • kills around one in eight people within 30 days
  • is a leading cause of disability

According to Stroke Association’s latest research, people are having strokes at a younger age, so helping your clients plan for all eventualities by offering wills and powers of attorney is vital and not only ensures that your client’s wishes are upheld and their loved ones taken care of, but that their best interests represented by an appropriate third party.

Remember, every second counts when someone is having a stroke

Stroke can strike at any age, which is why it’s so important that everyone knows the signs.

Do you know how to do the FAST test?

  • Face: facial weakness
  • Arms: arm weakness
  • Speech: slurred speech
  • Time: to call 999 if you spot any one of these signs.

Thanks to years of campaigning, better treatment and more awareness, according to the ONS, deaths related to stroke have declined by 49% in the past 15 years, and stroke survival is now at a record high.

Stroke never only affects one person, and although the improvement in statistics is encouraging it’s something that’s going to be affecting the population for many more years to come.

How can you get involved?

There are many ways that you can get involved with ‘Make May Purple’ or donate directly at stroke.org.uk.

Alternatively, take the opportunity to open up the conversation with your clients. Please, share this information, as education and awareness are crucial to saving lives, and make sure everyone knows that when stroke strikes, they need to act FAST.

About APS

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