Emilia Clarke's story: How the 'breaker of chains' is breaking the silence on brain injury

Game of Thrones star Emelia Clarke suffered from and survived two brain aneurysms, one in 2011 when she was just 24 years old, and one in 2013, all while filming for the early seasons of Game of Thrones.

During her recovery, things took a traumatic turn when Clarke was unable able to recite her name, mumbling nonsense words instead, a result of a condition called aphasia. Emelia spent another week recuperating in the ICU and, thankfully, the affliction was temporary, and her speech returned.

Emelia used the opportunity of talking about her experiences for the first time to launch her charity, Same You, which aims to help young adults recovering from brain injury and stroke.

Millennials need estate planning too

Emelia’s story shines a harsh light on how brain injury and stroke can strike anyone, at any time, and any age. Estate planning for millennials shouldn’t stop at a valid will. Unexpected accidents can occur at any age, so it’s vital that millennials are encouraged to think about powers of attorney.

Without an appointed attorney, it can be extremely problematic for loved ones to gain access to finances, or to make decisions on behalf of someone who cannot make a decision themselves.

The deputyship application that is required where someone doesn’t have a valid power of attorney can take many months and run up significant legal fees, causing additional delays and costs at an already stressful time.

As a financial adviser, you are well-placed to encourage these types of discussions with your clients. Although the subject matters may seem bleak, most people who complete the process are relieved to do so especially if they come to rely on the legal documents further down the line.

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