Writing a will isn't a job you'll relish, but it is a matter of life and death

If you don’t make one, you can be sure of bequeathing your loved ones a real mess. Dying ‘intestate’ can trigger arguments and even split families apart.

Almost half of adults have not yet made a will, according to research carried out for The Observer by Co-op Legal Services. It found that just 53% had put down in writing what they wanted to happen in the event of their death.

It’s not a job anyone relishes, but if you die without leaving a will, you could leave costs and complications for your loved ones to deal with, alongside a great deal of heartache.

“There’s a common misconception that only the supremely wealthy need a will, but everyone should have one – even if you’ve not got much to give,” says Hannah Maundrell from website Money.co.uk. “Writing a will doesn’t have to cost a fortune and it won’t take long. Whatever your circumstances, it’s definitely worth doing. If not, you risk leaving your grieving family with a whole host of problems.”

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